We are CIFEJ.

CIFEJ is an NGO. It’s an international institute which was established more than fifty years ago. There are currently ninety members from forty countries in CIFEJ. We have a lot of good experience in making films for movies and TV and producing multimedia for young adults. There are directors, producers, festival managers, etc among us.

Every two years, we get together to talk about the things we have done, to discuss the new programs and suggestions and to decide what to do. The last time we met in Warsaw, we decided to start up a cyber club for the young adults interested in animation. This activity is in the framework of our statue. If you want to find out everything about CIFEJ, you should visit The contents of the website range from the general assembly, board of directors and its members news to the other activities such as the publication of the quarterly named CIFEJ info, our filmmaking workshops in different countries (Tunisia, UAE, Iran, Ukraine, Azerbaijan …), our special program named CIFEJ Days, the seminars and our other activities. By the way, we have to let you know what CIFEJ means. CIFEJ stands for the basic French name of our institute. CENTRE INTERNATIONAL DU FILM POUR L’ENFANCE ET LA JEUNESSE.

The English equivalent for it is:


In CIFEJ we are like the members of a family who like and cooperate with each other. We have also launched the website for you. From now on, you can be a member of this large international family. We hope you enjoy the different parts of this site and club, especially its educational programs. If you join us, you’ll make progress fast. We look forward to watching and enjoying your films as soon as possible. Welcome to! This site is a good place for sharing our knowledge, experience and the most importantly our animations. Welcome to CIFEJ animation club!