Methods of animation- Object animation

Another type of stop motion. As you see stop motion has different types and all of them are exciting and fun to make. In this kind of animation which is called object animation, we can animate any non drawn object such as toys, dolls etc. There is no need for the objects to be fully flexible like clay or wax.

Well, let’s begin your animation together. Think of a story; you can first choose your characters and then make a story of them. Write your story so you can follow the events more easily. Now bring a camera; it should be fixed in front of a place your story takes place (this place is called scene). Whenever you are sure that all the characters are in their place, take the first picture, then according to your story move them and then take the second picture. Continue likewise till your story finishes. You may need to change your scene, just be careful that the camera should be fixed during each sequence.

When you made all the moves and finished your story, it’s time to import them into computer. You need a software like adobe premiere to put all the photos as a continuous sequence. Now you can see the result… it’s nice, isn’t it? Your toys are alive and moving!

One more thing, in this animation you can combine your object animation with real characters; for example a toy car which its driver is you, yourself.