Methods of animation-Cut-out animation

Now we are going to make a cut out animation together, a simple example; then you can make your own  just by  following  what  I say below:

1-Have some sheets of paper, it is better to be paperboard of course. You can choose colorful papers or paint them later (it depends on your taste ).

2-Draw a character on a paper (if your drawing is not good, you can choose a picture in a magazine and use it or choose different pictures and make it as a collage ).

3- Cut the parts of what you have drawn. For example if you have drawn a man; all parts like head, body, hands and legs should be separated. Remember, you should fasten all parts together. Use a join like tack or drawing pin to do this.

4-Prepare a background for your animation. Of course you can make an animation without it too but I suggest you to have one so your animation will be more eye-catching. You want to know how? You can imagine your character in a place, then draw the place on a paper (you can draw on a plain paper then color it or you can draw on different colored paper then cut them and put them on each other to reach the picture you want, of course the latter is applicable when there is a move in the background, like the sun’s or cloud’s movements ).

5-Now it is the time to capture. Put your character on the background. Let’s test the movement then you can move it as you like… put it as if it is standing still, take the first picture with your camera; then move one of his hands a little up, and take the second picture. Continue this process till his hand is completely up then you can pose him as if he is waving his hand. Be careful every pose and move needs a picture and all should have equal intervals.

Well, your simple cut out animation is almost ready. You just need to import your pictures sequentially to see the result (A software like Adobe Premiere is needed for doing this).

It is really fun, isn’t it? Your character is waving!