Methods of animation- Clay animation



When it comes to clay animation, I become excited. It reminds me the childhood, when we played with plasticine … what an imagination we had ….

Well, let’s do it again but now more professional. This time we want our characters move.

Usually in clay animation, each animated piece, I mean characters and backgrounds are movable; so be careful when you move them.

Ok, bring some plasticine, oh before that think of a character or two (I recommend two, so you can make a story for them and have your first claymation.

If you have chosen your characters, it’s time to make it. In professional claymation, characters have armature, but here we want to try on a simple one.

Ok, where were we?

Aha, we should make our characters. Make it just like what you were making it as a child. Now it’s time to move it.

You can put your backgrounds and characters on a piece of paper horizontally and take a picture or you can fix it vertically. In this position you can put your characters in a place with a little bit depth. (I like it more; it is more beautiful in my taste)

Well, time to take pictures…. Beforehand, ask someone elder to fix the position of the camera. It is a really important factor. If your camera has a remote control, better to use that.  Take the first one, and then move your characters hands as if he wants to clap, take the second picture. Continue till the hands reach each other and then away from each other. Be careful of the intervals, they should be regular and of course not so big.

Now, it is time to import your pictures into computer and put them in a sequence.

Congratulations… you have made your first clay animation. Yes, I agree, you are right, it’s really simple; but as I said before you can have different characters and make a short clay animation with them.