Methods of animation- Silhouette animation

Sure you have seen shadow puppets…This technique is almost the same and it is black and white. Just you need to capture frames. Of course it’s a bit hard to make it at home but you can try a simple and small kind of it. Prepare a background, it should be like a simple curtain (you can use a white fabric) and when you cast a light on it, you are able to see the shadow of your hand. When it’s done, your background is prepared for the puppets to play their role! The puppets can be simple or they can be like cutout ones, I mean head; hands and legs can be joint to the body so you can move them.

Well, time to begin your silhouette animation:

To have a nice outcome, you need your friends’ help. It is a little bit hard or maybe impossible to manage this method alone. Bring your puppet that you have made. (You don’t know how to make them?! I will tell you later in this section just follow me to the end) cast the light on the screen. Keep the puppet near the screen, so the size is more acceptable. (Of course it depends to you. You may want your puppets look bigger or smaller) now move your puppets according to your story. (For example you can make the puppet dance) you should design your moves before taking pictures.  Ask your friend to take pictures and you hold the puppet where you want to start the move. Then move a little, and then take the second picture. Do the same until the end. Now you should import your pictures in movie software like Adobe premiere. You can import all the frames as a sequence and see the result.

  • To make a puppet, you simply need a sheet of paper. Draw what you have in your mind as a puppet. Then cut them and joint them with a pin. Attach each piece to a handle (you can use a stick of an ice cream) so you can move them more easily.