Animation Workshop in Bhubaneswar, India

CIFEJ Days were also held in Bhubaneswar, India from 15-20 of  Jan., 2015 during which 18 young people participated in the documentary and animation workshops. 

Maikki Kantola, the member of the board was the trainer of these workshops. 6 CIFEJ Prize winner films were also screened for more than 500 children. The films which were screened were:

-          I Am Kalam (India)

-          Harun Arun (India)

-          Ashi Mashi, the Little Sparrow (Iran)

-          Cool Kids Don’t Cry (Netherland)

-          The Dreamer (Indonasia)

-          My Good Enemy (Denmark)

The Board of Directors also gathered together thereto have a meeting and it was hosted by KIIT University and KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Science). The board members had very fruitful discussions and made very good decisions about CIFEJ different matters. The Board had a wonderful experience in KISS, because it is a place that serves more than 22,500 tribal students. It was founded by Dr. Achuyita Samanta in 1992-93 whose goal is “poverty alleviation through education and humanitarism”.